Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tragedy Strikes the Africa Mercy

Last week, something very serious happened onboard.

I ran out of Marmite.

You may think this is a joke, but this is no small matter. Marmite is a very critical part of my day. Without Marmite on toast for breakfast, the whole system breaks down. Nothing works the same, and the outlook of the day/week/month/year is very grim.
Miraculously the dining room has produced one container of Australian Vegemite. Though not Marmite, this container of Vegemite has been an appropriate substitute for the last few days and has prevented the deaths of many crew aboard the Africa Mercy. 

I received a much welcomed email yesterday from Mercy Ships New Zealand informing me that a certain young woman will be joining the ship in Cotonou at the end of the month and is more than happy to provide me with my very own supply of Marmite. That was a close call. I almost left early.

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  1. G'day, mate! The nearest equivalent that I have found here is Bovril, which for connaisseurs isn't quite the same. Last time I ate Marmite was after our son James returned from DTS in Newcastle down under. It was quite expensive compared with what we used to pay in England when I was a kid. James is going to the UK for college, so maybe Marmite will be part of his staple diet. Well, you are welcome to visit us in Taiwan anytime, provided you bring some Marmite.