Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lunis et Vendredis a Maison du Peuple de Cotonou II

Today was our first day at a new location: Maison Du Peuple de Cotonou II. The need for this new location has become increasingly apparent due to the security issues at Ganhi, and the road conditions on the way to our Friday clinic at Avotrou in Akpakpa. 
Maison Du Peuple is just off of the main road in Cotonou and provides a safe and central location for the Eye Field Team to do their work.

It is a large facility with plenty of room to keep all of our patients inside and out of the rain.

Pictured here is the front door...with Willy and Moise getting the patients registered and ready for a Visual Acuity examination.
This kid showed up and wanted his picture taken...

Needs some smiling lessons I think :)


  1. My swim coach always said I needed to smile more and so I feel something in common with your new buddy. Maybe once he gets used to the new haole he will soon lighten up. So you are there Mondays and Fridays probably somewhere else the rest of the week. Your French must be getting good now. I made a friend with Harry on FB.

  2. Great pictures Peter. You look happy!

  3. i think that kid needs smiling lessons from me!