Monday, July 6, 2009

Le Weekend. (Google it. That's really how you say "The Weekend" in French.)

Every six weeks, the crew are given a 3 day weekend. This time it fell on the 4th of July, and I decided to head over to Ghana for the weekend with some friends... We left Cotonou at about 3pm Friday in a taxi along with 3 random people. 
Our destination was just on the other side of the Volte River which you can see labeled just below the word GHANA in the center of the map above. It looks quite close on the map, but it took us about 9 hours of travels to get there...
...but worth it, don't you think?
We stayed in small bungalows on the beach...serenaded by the waves (and bothered by large lizards unfortnately) I watched this guy fishing for a while. See the bungalows in the background...
On the way back, we paddled across the Volte River. It took a little longer than we expected...
No one paddling looks very happy in this picture...I don't seem to mind though. 
In Togo we stayed at Le Galion Hotel in Lome...
Now Back to WORK! :)


  1. Pity you didn't have your time off a few days later and perhaps you could have met your leader, or at least have sensed the wild excitement surrounding his visit. Anyway I guess the paddling must have made you wish you were in Kailua Bay.

  2. Great Pete! I've been enjoying reading your words and seeing your pictures. Thank you for sharing. Your trip is midway just about. I leave Japan tonight... It was a nice trip but I'm ready to be home. Talk to you soon!